Älskar att må som jag gör, så glad över att du finns i mitt liv <3

There's no one that gets me that that you do,
 I just can't explain it there's something you do that gets my emotions all tangled inside,
no matter how much I try i just can't hide the way I feel when you simply walk pass my way,
when you smile it shines brighter and it makes my day
I sit here all alone thinking about you day and night
Boy to me it feels so right


I just want you close
Coz you make me smile
I just cannot get you off my mind
With each kiss
You blow me away
And without you I think I'd go crazy
For your love I would do anything
Coz to me... you are my everything

Boy there's no one that gets me the way that you could
I just can't explain it there's something you do
The stars shine much brighter when I'm with you
And when you kiss my lips
I feel so brand new
Boy you always know when I'm feeling down
And you know how to turn my frown upside down
All the cute things you do simply tickle my heart
Boy we'll never be apart



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